‘Farmhouse’ Table

£1,800.00 - £2,600.00

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Bring Rustic Charm to Your Home with the Oak & Zinc Farmhouse Table

Crafted from thick slabs of seasoned oak, the Farmhouse Table blends classic comfort with modern design, creating a stunning centerpiece for your culinary haven. Its clean lines and sturdy frame exude quality, built to withstand the test of time and countless family meals.

Timeless Craftsmanship, Built to Endure

The warmth of the oak invites gatherings, each touch revealing the natural beauty of the wood. Nestled within, an aged zinc inlay adds a touch of industrial chic and contemporary flair, evoking images of sun-drenched patios and cozy bistros.

A Tactile Duet: Where Warmth Meets Cool

The table presents a captivating play of textures. The smooth, cool zinc contrasts beautifully with the rough-hewn oak, creating a visually interesting and tactile experience. Run your fingers along the seamless edge where the two materials meet and appreciate the quality craftsmanship.

Personalize Your Home Retreat

Make the Farmhouse Table your own with a range of customization options. Choose from five stunning oak finishes, each with its own unique character, and two zinc shades – from soft moonlight to aged pewter. This flexibility allows you to create the perfect backdrop for your kitchen space, reflecting your personal style and taste.

An Investment in Lasting Memories

More than just furniture, the Farmhouse Table is an investment in quality and family time. As it ages gracefully, each scratch and patina becomes part of its unique story, a testament to the countless meals and laughter shared. This heirloom piece is built to last, ensuring your home remains a warm and inviting place for generations to come.

Discover the enduring appeal of the Farmhouse Table at Roughliving Furniture today.

  • 60mm Solid Oak Frame
  • Weathered Zinc Table top in 2 Patina options
  • Hand-finished, Solid Oakr table top edge
  • Character Timber may be subject to movement over time, adding to the character and individuality of each product
  • Available in 5 Oak finishes
  • Handmade to Order in our UK Workshop
  • Please contact us for bespoke options on our Handmade Farmhouse Kitchen Tables