‘Era’ Contemporary Sideboard

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The ‘Era’ Contemporary Sideboard: A timeless haven for the everyday.

Step into a home where practicality and elegance dance hand-in-hand. The ‘Era’ Contemporary sideboard isn’t just furniture; it’s a carefully crafted haven for your everyday treasures, blending classic allure with modern convenience.

Imagine warm, hand-selected oak, its grain a whispering tapestry of sunlight and shadow. The ‘Era’ captures this natural beauty, letting the wood take center stage. Its satin finish invites fingertips to explore the smooth curves and edges, each piece a testament to hand-built artistry.

Brushed steel accents provide a refreshing counterpoint to the oak’s warmth. Think clean lines and geometric precision, framing the woodgrain with a modern touch. But this steel isn’t cold or imposing; it harmonizes with the organic curves of the oak, creating a comfortable balance that feels familiar yet subtly modern.

Beyond aesthetics, the ‘Era’ Contemporary sideboard embraces the art of living. Soft-close drawers offer ample storage for tableware, linens, or cherished keepsakes, always neatly tucked away yet readily accessible. Adjustable shelves further customize your options, ensuring the ‘Era’ adapts to your evolving needs and grows with your home.

Whether you’re hosting a lively gathering or enjoying a quiet moment with a good book, the ‘Era’ becomes a silent guardian of your space. It’s a versatile haven for your treasures, a conversation starter with its understated elegance, and a testament to the enduring beauty of quality craftsmanship.

Ultimately, the ‘Era’ Contemporary sideboard is an invitation to slow down and appreciate the finer details. It’s a piece that whispers quiet sophistication without shouting, a companion that adapts to your life instead of demanding attention. It’s a timeless expression of your home’s personality, a haven for the everyday, and a constant reminder that beauty lies in the simplest of forms.

  • Ribbed Oak door detailing
  • Industrial Raw Steel bench Frame
  • Quality Oak Features
  • Finish Options Available
  • Handmade-to-Order in our UK Workshop
  • Please contact us for bespoke options

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4 Door Unit W164cm x D45cm x H80cm, 6 Door Unit W254cm x D45cm x H80cm

Wood Finish

Antiqued Oak, Black Oak, Bleached Oak, Character Oak, Dark Oak

Frame Finish

Raw Steel