‘Loft’ Concrete Coffee Table

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The Luxury ‘Loft’ Concrete Coffee Table seamlessly blends modern simplicity with natural beauty. Crafted from smooth, polished concrete, it comes in various sizes, perfectly adapting to your space. Each table offers a cool, inviting surface, ideal for displaying coffee table books and sparking lively conversations.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the concrete top, meticulously polished for a touch-enticing smoothness. Its seamless elegance whispers of modern minimalism, while subtle imperfections hint at the inherent beauty of the material. Light plays across the surface, highlighting the unique character of each piece – no two are ever exactly alike.

Beneath this sophisticated charm lies a foundation of unwavering strength. A sleek 16mm steel frame, expertly welded and polished, provides rock-solid support. The frame’s clean lines mirror the geometric beauty of the concrete top, while its polished edges add a touch of understated style. Choose from a range of metallic finishes to complement your existing décor, whether it’s the warm glow of brushed brass or the sleek coolness of matte black.

More than just furniture, the ‘Loft’ Concrete Coffee Table is a versatile centerpiece for your living space. Gather around it, share stories, and create memories. With its effortless combination of polished elegance and industrial sturdiness, this table is built to last, evolving with your style and becoming a cherished fixture in your home for years to come.

Handmade in Hertfordshire.


  • 16mm Mild Steel Frame,
  • Polished/Ground Welds
  • 26mm Tabletop with Micro Concrete Finish
  • Handmade-to-Order in our UK Workshop
  • Solid Concrete available upon request
  • Please contact us for bespoke options

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L100cm x W100cm x H30cm, L100cm x W50cm x H40cm, L120cm x W60cm x H40cm, L150cm x W80cm x H40cm

Frame Finish

Black, Charcoal, Raw Steel

Stone Finish